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All photos courtesy of Gilmar Gomes
May 20 2018

Life is Percussive

Growing up in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, percussionist, Gilmar Gomes, recalls his father sternly admonishing him to avoid certain areas of town. Yet resonating from one of these troubled neighborhoods was the incongruent sound of celebratory Samba Reggae (also known as preto music). Obedient yet...

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My mom...
Dec 09 2017

No life is too small…

I'm used to gathering all my sources before writing. But, in the case of our mom, Eleanor (Warshal) Simmons, there aren't many. Our mom kept her world small and tidy by only letting in close family and God. Outside of that, she touched the lives...

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Explicit Lyrics
Sep 24 2017

Child Advisory: Mom’s Explicit Music

Recently, my 12-year-old daughter, Lyric, declared to a grown-up that I listen to music with “swear words.” "Even the F-word!" She testified enthusiastically. Sensing immediate judgment, Lyric proceeded to backtrack and articulated my philosophy: You should be able to express yourself fully through music. Well, actually, in...

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"Untitled" by Amy Baran Belonio (oil on canvass)
Sep 09 2016

The Misunderstood Artist

Once, when an acquaintance found out that I interviewed rock musicians for newspapers and magazines, he looked at me incredulously and gulped, "Why would you hang out with a bunch of lazy drug addicts?" I was stunned by his judgmental response but maintained my composure.  Then...

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